Medical Intuitive Work


As a Medical Intuitive she is a medicine practitioner using her intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. She also restores the mind body awareness which increases our life force or what is also known as “Chi” or “Prana” in balancing the energy centers throughout our body.

Maybe you’ve been dealing with a chronic illness and have seen every kind of practitioner out there. And they likely didn’t have an answer for you. They probably tried a number of different things, and diagnoses a number of different symptoms, but none of them seemed to find a root cause. It’s almost like your body is desperate for someone to come along and just listen carefully to find the correct connections.

Allopathic (Western) medicine definitely has its place, but it also has forsaken the deep wisdom that our bodies long to be whole, and are trying desperately to heal themselves. It focuses on suppressing symptoms or cutting out the problems. It also often ignores significant factors like environment, emotions, nutrition, and all the other factors that make you a complete person: body, mind, spirit, soul.

If you’ve tried everything else, this may just be your lifeline.

Your body is longing for you to take a moment and listen carefully to all that it has to share with you.

intuitive session can save you lots of time, frustration and money as it can cut right to the root causes.

Integrated Emotional Healing


As a Emotional Healthcare Practitioner, Danette is trained in the art of Integrated Emotional Healing, IEH. IEH utilizes a variety of energetic medicine practices that alter the Neuroplasticity of the brain bringing about a deep, powerful and long lasting transformation. IEH brings resolve to the responses of emotional triggers and changes the messages that are communicated between the brain and the body throughout the bodies energy and informational systems.

This is not a counseling session, but rather an opportunity to integrate your body, mind, spirit, and soul in a comprehensive awareness of the ways in which your emotional state is affecting your health.

It involves active participation, and engaging with the many aspects of your inner world that contribute so significantly to your body’s health and wellness. Often the release from these sessions unfolds over many days as your body begins to integrate with its new wiring.

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