A little bit of my story…

My family experienced a variety of cultures as we moved a lot due to my fathers line of work. I spent a lot of years growing up in Louisiana before and after our adventure of living in South America. It was in South America that I gained the experience of communal living which taught me much about life and people. Later we moved to South Dakota and after graduation life has taken me to Colorado, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio.

Growing up I became a study of people and why they do what they do. My favorite questions always began with “why”. Seeking to understand in order to be understood is something I am committed to in my life. Like most all of us I experienced trauma, pain, heartache, rejection, disappointments, abuse, unmet expectations and abandonment. In other words life kicked me around a little. Some of it was choices that I had made for myself and some were the effects of choices that others had made. Needless to say I had built a wall around my heart to protect me from anyone who may remind me of those who had hurt me. As time went on I realized that those heart walls and coping mechanisms were no longer serving me but instead they had become a hindrance to the very things I wanted in life; love, joy and peace. With the guidance of the Divine Love of Jesus Christ I began a journey of inner healing back to my heart, back to wholeness and eliminating limiting beliefs. Each step I took in my healing journey was divinely orchestrated in leading me on my path of restoration. I became first runner up to Miss South Dakota USA, as restoration of my self esteem. I was employed in the sales industry which helped to build my confidence and communication skills. I got married had my daughter and learned love, patience and selflessness. I married again for 25 plus years, had two sons, learned perseverance, sacrificial love, self control, gratitude and so much more. As my family grew up I began studying and applying my self to many different types of healing modalities, learning energy as medicine through the power of Divine Love. Throughout the years I have added to my healing tool belt. I have become proficient in many healing modalities such as SOZO, More Light Healing, Transpersonal Healing Therapy, Dream Interpretation, Integrated Emotional healing, attuned Reiki healer and a Certified Medical Intuitive.

I have traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad as a speaker, teacher and a trainer. I have taken teams of people to different events; such as Mind Body Spirit Expos, numerous varying festivals; where we have helped many people heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a conference speaker I have spoken and taught others on the power of the mind to body connection, the journey to inner healing, the art of tuning into the Divine, interpreting and understanding your dreams, alternative spirituality and more.

Over the last several years I have had to fight for my vitality of life and overcome CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome). My ligaments on both sides of my second toe in both feet were severed. I had no idea that it had happened. All I knew was that I was experiencing severe pain in my feet and I could not walk for more than 10 min. without having to rip my shoes off because I thought my feet were on fire and felt like they were going to explode. The inability of my body to repair while I was still always on my feet trying to live life fried my central nervous system and I developed CRPS. I have learned a lot through this fight and I am grateful for all that it has taught me. I now understand the deep dark depression, suicidal thoughts and other difficult emotions that come when one is living with chronic pain and fatigue. I also understand the perseverance that it takes to fight for your health and restoration of life and vitality. Seeking the help of doctors and modern medicine did help me combat the CRPS by the use of neridronic acid infusions. The miracle of stem cell injections has completed the physical healing that I needed in my feet. But the doctors could not help with all the residual effects of the toxic energy from the various types of trauma that I had experienced in my life. All the toxic energy that I had not processed had been stored at a quantum level in my being. For that I embraced the power of prayer and dug in deep to apply all of the healing techniques on myself. By grounding myself, getting to the root or origin of the trapped energy and letting it go, applying gratitude, and connecting to Divine Love I am now on the other side of the darkness that sickness and disease had brought and I am feeling alive again as my life force has returned. It has been a journey and I am grateful for all of it but I wouldn’t choose it for anyone.

I am back to enjoying the things I love to do; bike riding, hiking, cross fit workouts, swimming, hula hooping, yard work, gardening, and of course enjoying time and activities with my family and friends.

My wish for each day is that we all would choose to let the toxicity (negativity) of life go, embrace the fullness of presence and focus on the higher dimensions of love, peace, joy, kindness, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. It’s through these things that our light and love shine.

Blessings of Love & Light

Danette Fuller
Mother, Grandmother, Friend & Healer

Danette guided me thru “Integrated Emotional Healing”, a process that helped me to release long lasting stuck energy. This allowed for the clarity I had been ‘pushing for’ to present itself with ease and grace. I feel lighter, freer, and my heart is full! Danette’s kindness and compassion thru the process made it so easy to let go and heal. She creates safety on all levels. I am grateful.
Columbus, OH