About Danette

Danette Fuller is a Medical Intuitive and an Emotional Healthcare Practitioner. She is the founder of Intuitive Synergy and has been practicing in the holistic healing arts for over 15 years. 

As a Medical Intuitive she is a medicine practitioner using her intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition. She also restores the mind body awareness which increases our life force or what is also known as “Chi” or “Prana” in balancing the energy centers throughout our body.

As a Emotional Healthcare Practitioner
she is trained in the art of Integrated Emotional Healing, IEH. IEH utilizes a variety of energy medicine practices that alter the Neuroplasticity of the brain bringing about a deep, powerful and long lasting transformation. IEH brings resolve to the responses of emotional triggers and changes the messages that are communicated between the brain and the body throughout the bodies energy and informational systems.